What Will Be Here?
A sci-fi audio drama about living on a doomed earth and building things anyway.
4 months ago


A final team meeting happens.

What Will Be Here? Episode 9, Countdown to Launch

Kei talks about energy. Dane redecorates. Armani discusses traditions. Suri gives a speech. Jules rests.

Content Notes: contains swearing, grief, and discussions of death. Reading the details about these content notes may cause spoilers, proceed at your own risk. The form of grief is grief for a friend after a recent death, and that friend is Jules. Please take care of yourself - listen when you're ready, or read the transcript first.

TRANSCRIPT: https://bit.ly/wwbhe9transcript


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Show Website located at whatwillbehere.crd.co. Social Media is WhatWillBeHere on Twitter and Instagram.