What Will Be Here?
A sci-fi audio drama about living on a doomed earth and building things anyway.
5 months ago


They attempt the impossible.

What Will Be Here? Episode 8, Remove Before Flight.

Dane is nervous. Kei prepares a small armory. Armani talks about heists. Jules is distracted, then distracts. Suri accidentally presses record.

Content Notes: contains swearing, gunshots, explosions, and implied death. Reading the details about these content notes may cause spoilers, proceed at your own risk. The gunshots do not hit anyone, though they start a fire that causes a series of explosions. The implied death is a major character. Please take care of yourself - listen when you're ready, or read the transcript first.

TRANSCRIPT: https://bit.ly/wwbhe8transcript


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Show Website located at whatwillbehere.crd.co. Social Media is WhatWillBeHere on Twitter and Instagram.